Color | Mandarin & Chinese dialect | English Subtitles | China | 2019 | 19 minutes
Loli, an ambitious 12-year-old, dwells in a run-down urban village in South China. After losing both her parents, she is forced to live with her dreadful grandma and take care of her two younger siblings. Hoping to leave her troubled family behind and move to the city, she attempts to win over the heart of a kind woman who wants to adopt a child. Everything seems to unfold as she plans until a nightmare comes true…
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[Completed. Under festival review.] 


Asian American International Film Festival - Official Selection - USA

LA Asian Film Fest - Official Selection - USA

Tokyo Lift-off Film Festival - Official Selection - Japan

Rhode Island International Film Festival - Semi-Finalist - USA 

Skyline Indie Film Fest - Official Selection - USA

DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival - Official Selection - USA

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月是他乡明_Shadow of the Moon_剧照1.jpe
月是他乡明_Shadow of the Moon_剧照2.jpe
月是他乡明_Shadow of the Moon_剧照3.jpe

Writer/Director: Shuhan Lei

Producer: Wendi Tang

Co-Producer: Jingyu Luo

Cinematographer: Andy Yu

Production Designer: Ximan Ma

1st Assistant Director: Zihao Su

2nd Assistant Director: Weihang Wang

Production Sound: Iris Liu

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