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Short, Drama
"A sad portrait of a woman stuck "
Currently under festival review.

        It’s a pro-woman piece that digs deep into the thoughts, strength, flaws, and vulnerability of two generations of women and their distinct yet related perceptions about love and family.

        I’ve always been trying to understand my Mom and other middle-aged women in the society, their anxiety, vulnerability, persistence and unique understandings of love. The perception of love is confusing, and the mistakes the idea of love can create is way more profound than we could anticipate. The intricate relationships between women, especially between a mother and a daughter, have always been fascinating to me. Most of the time the cross-generational relationship entails a power dynamic and a seeking of a balance that we are not brave enough to admit. The moment we start to question and challenge the idea of love, we understand that some broken things will stay broken, and we can only move on.

        I tell this story from the mother's perspective which is often ignored in the mother-daughter stories. I hope to encourage the audience to be more aware of the group of middle-aged women and their struggles, to understand the enormous societal burdens on them, and be more compassionate to this group of mothers and wives. 


-- Wendi Tang, Writer & Director of  "Janet"

Set photography by Jason Lee
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Wendi Tang

Writer/Director · Producer